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Unformatted text preview: Name: Date: BI 112 Post-lab Lab 9: Meiosis 1. A diploid cell of a human male, containing 46 chromosomes, goes through meiosis and cytokinesis. How many gametes are produced and how many chromosomes are in each cell? a. Number of cells: b. Number of chromosomes per cell: 2. Answer the following in regard to the previous question a. Are the cells produced genetically identical or genetically unique? (circle one) b. Name the specific cell types that is are product of this process and corresponding sex of the individual producing it. 3. Independent assortment a. Arranges each pair of homologues during metaphase I without being influenced by how the other homologue pairs are arranged. b. Is the breakage and exchange of genetic information during prophase I c. Sorts gametes of one parent independently of hose the gametes of the other parent are sorted d. Is the segregation of maternal chromosomes from parental chromosomes during anaphase II...
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