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The two human service agencies I chose are South Metro Human Services and HOPE Adoption and Family Services. Both Agencies are located in the Twin Cities of MN South Metro Human Services works with adult suffering from mental illness and chemical dependency. HOPE Adoption and Family Services works with adoptive families as well as birth mothers giving their child up for adoption and help place babies with forever families. I think what influence South Metro Human Services to meet the needs of the mentally ill or chemically dependent people are the fact that there are so many not treated people out there due to some lack of availability. For HOPE Adoption I feel what influenced this organization is the need to provide safe and legally correct adoptions and the need to find good homes for children in need.
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Unformatted text preview: There is a great difference in the two agencies that chose because they both support two completely difference types of people. For South Metro, they provide several options for people who are mentally ill such as outpatient care as well as outpatient care for people with chemical dependency. They also have adult foster care as well as services for the homeless. HOPE Adoption provides services for people would are choosing to give up a child such as counseling and adoption plans, and provide services for adoptive parents. They have pre adoption and post adoption training. I believe both agencies are very successful in meeting their group’s needs. I feel if either of them were to have problems it would be South Metro simply because they may lack funding to provide for the services they give....
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