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It was believed that the alternate aeration and nonaeration creates aerobic and anoxic conditions for alternative nitrification and denitrification, respectively. The alternate nitrification and denitrification prevents nitrite and nitrate from accumulation. Therefore, the nitrification activity could stay at a high rate and higher removal efficiency could be achieved. Denitrification also prevents pH change in the system, which is critical for the nitrogen removal from swine wastewater.
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Unformatted text preview: The DO in the system changes with the aeration and the non aeration periods. In the IA process, the aeration period creates favorable conditions for nitrifying bacteria, while the non aeration period provides good environment for denitrifying bacteria. As per the literature, DO content during the aeration period is generally 4-6 mg/L and it goes below 1mg/L under the anaerobic condition, thus almost creating the anaerobic situation in the system for that period....
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