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CE 574 HW 1 - To this sealed flask inject enough TeCE to...

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CE 574 HW #1 – Thermodynamics Due 8/31/09 1-3. Chapter 3: 11, 12, 13 4. In class we defined Δ G ° formation to be 0 for H + under standard conditions. Calculate Δ G °′ formation at pH 7 5. In this problem, you are to study the volatilization of tetrachloroethene (TeCE) according to the reaction: C 2 Cl 4(aq) Æ C 2 Cl 4(g) First, given the following thermodynamic data, calculate the dissolved TeCE concentration in equilibrium with a gas concentration of 0.0025 atm. Δ G f 0 C 2 Cl 4(aq) = 28.7 kJ/mole Δ G f 0 C 2 Cl 4(g) = 20.5 kJ/mole R = 8.314 J/m ° K Now, imagine a sealed flask that contains 20 mL of pure water and a 10 mL headspace that is pure air.
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Unformatted text preview: To this sealed flask, inject enough TeCE to adjust the liquid phase concentration to 25 mg/L in the absence of any volatilization. Now allow volatilization and calculate the final dissolved TeCE concentration. Remember that PV = nRT. 6. Search the internet and identify a good source of thermodynamic data. Just list the URL and tell me if it is helpful. Compare a value to the table in the textbook....
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