HRM 240 wk 6 due day 5

HRM 240 wk 6 due day 5 - they do Students also have stress...

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Stress can be mentally, emotional, and or physical. Stress can affect not just the person dealing with the stress but others around them. Physiologists classify stress in two categories, negative stress and positive stress, even though the two are basically the same ordeal. Positive stress is known as Eustress which ends in a positive outcome, as in one achievement, reaching one goal. Negative stress in known as Distress, and can be harmful. This can happen when someone feels as if he or she does not feel secure and do not feel adequate. Some causes that can play a role into someone having distress are disappointment, desperate, and Stress can come from work, school, or home. Just because someone is stay at home parent it does not mean that they do not deal with stressful situations on a daily basis, because
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Unformatted text preview: they do. Students also have stress whether they make good grades, and if they will pass to the next grade. And lastly, a person who works also can become stressed because of the job they are doing, whether they will make the dead line or if there is a job opening and they apply and the wait and the anticipation can play into the persons stress. Stress can become problem some to ones work place when a person is stressed they tend to be grouchy and their body is out of line chemically and one can snap at another employee and effect their ability to work adequately and properly. The person may take it out on another employee, by yelling or even becoming violent as well as with customers or clients. A lot of employers offer counseling to help their employees to deal with what they may be dealing with....
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