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HRM 240 wk 7 due day 7

HRM 240 wk 7 due day 7 - for retirement • Referral...

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MEMO TO: Management FROM: Angelic R. Boggs DATE: April 4, 2010 SUBJECT: Employee Benefits I want to make sure that everyone is aware of what benefits are available to them from this corporation. There are many benefits, that are offered to both the employees and direct family members of the employees, e.g. husband, son, daughter. I want my employees to know there are also other benefits they can get into if they choose to. Benefits that are currently offered are as follows: Health Insurance – as a qualified associate, you may choose to enroll in our company’s premium health insurance plan thru Great American Healthcare. Plan options include medical, dental, vision, and voluntary life insurance coverage. 401 (k) Retirement Plan – When you except a pharmacy job with Pharmacy Pro, you will enjoy retirements plan that provides you with a comprehensive list of funds, including Roth 401 (k) option, and is a practical way to put money away
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Unformatted text preview: for retirement. • Referral Bonuses – tell you friends about the benefits of pharmacy tech employment through Pharmaceutical Pro’s and you could earn a generous referral bonus. • Professional Liability Coverage – Other benefits to our pharmacy tech jobs is the coverage you will receive while on any Pharmaceutical Pro assignment. • Top Pay in the Industry – Pharmacy tech jobs offer highly competitive rates. • License Reciprocation Reimbursement • Bi-weekly Pay with Direct Deposit (optional) • Time off – Two week’s vacation, four sick days, five leave time days, six months maternity leave, four personal days, If you can please send to all employees, that will be great. Also April 22, 2010 is our six month change if employees want to change or add anything to their benefits please do so on April 22, 2010....
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