HCP 210 wk 9 due day 7 final

HCP 210 wk 9 due day 7 final - T he field of pharmacy was...

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The field of pharmacy was originally a combination of both medicine and religion. The men and women who practiced pharmacy often administered religious rites also. These were the medicine men, shamans, and religious leaders. This association remained imbedded in pharmacy for hundreds of years. The profession of pharmacy first began in the eighth century in what is now known as Baghdad. The occupation of pharmacy eventually spread to Europe and took on the name alchemy. Alchemy eventually evolved, with the help of the physicians of the time, into what now known as chemistry. In Australia, the pharmacist is still known as a chemist. The physicians of ancient time often not only diagnosed their patients, but also prescribed and dispensed the medications. As time passed, there grew a need for specialists who would be able to compound the medications in bulk. About the year 1200, Frederick the Great decreed the first pharmacy law separating the profession of medicine from the profession of pharmacy. Therefore, the field we know as pharmacy grew even further and began to include the compounding of medications and remedies for the general public. The medications that became available were known as elixirs, spirits, and powders. No one regulated the formulas, manufacture, or dispensing of any of these medications until centuries later. Our ancestors long ago discovered that the roots, leaves, and seeds of certain plants had the ability to cure illness, ease pain, and affect the mind. These people where called medicine men and women of their time. As time passed these medicines where passed from generation to generation. Today many drugs are still made from plant parts. Some
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HCP 210 wk 9 due day 7 final - T he field of pharmacy was...

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