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What are the specific steps in verifying a prescription? The first thing that needs to be know is the patients whole name, so you can match the patients name with your files and also with name changes marriages and divorces, and for insurance purposes. Next, the tech needs to check when that script was written, depending on what the script it can be good for as long as up to a year. If there is a change in phone numbers or addresses that need to be brought to attention. After the tech verifiers that the script is for the proper person then they need to verify what medication is being ordered. This means the correct form of dosage, quantity and strength. If there is information left out or more additional information is needed the tech must report to the pharmacist for further instructions on what to do and how to go about the situation. Then the tech needs to go over direction for precision and clarity purposes, of the person is allergic to certain ingredients, if there is a generic that is available, and how many refills if any. With
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