HCP 210 wk 6 due day 3

HCP 210 wk 6 due day 3 - 1 What is the purpose of...

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1. What is the purpose of compounding? Some purposes of compound include the discontinuation of a certain drug, the removal from the market by the FDA, and the unavailability of drugs in a strength or dosage form appropriate for some patients. Patients with sensitivities or allergies to medications need to have their mediations compounded before they can use the medication. 2. When compounding what dosage forms are used? When compounding there are several types of dosage forms: CAPSULES- oral dosage form can be prepared by hand or machine. LIQUIDS- solution or suspension form, a solution is completely dissolved ingredients. SOLUTIONS- the water soluble chemical is dissolved in water and flavoring is added. May need to be shaken to distribute flavor SUSPENSIONS- insoluble liquids need to be shaken before administration. EMULSIONS- type of liquid or semi solid that can be taken orally, when emulsifying agent is needed to hold together a water and oil base or visa versa OINTMENTS- Semi solid, applied to the skin or mucosal tissue, does not penetrate in the
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HCP 210 wk 6 due day 3 - 1 What is the purpose of...

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