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Exam Guidelines – Herb Newhouse The exam will be curved so do the best you can regardless of the exam’s difficulty. In the past my cutoffs for an A has ranged from 68 to 95. My cutoff for a C has been as low as 30. Be aware of the available time. It may be advisable to work easier problems before more difficult ones. Show your work clearly. If you have the correct answer with no work you will not necessarily receive full credit. If a later part of a question is based on an earlier part you can still get points on the later part if you don’t know the answer to the earlier part. o Clearly state that you don’t know the answer to the earlier part. o Choose an answer for the earlier part or leave it as a parameter when you solve the later part. o Clearly explain how you are working the later part.
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Unformatted text preview: o Note, if you a assume an answer for the earlier part that makes the later part noticeably easier you will probably not receive much credit. • You can use a 5 x 8 index card with handwritten notes on both sides for midterms. You can use an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with handwritten notes on both sides for the final. Do not attach anything to your note card/sheet of paper. • You can use a calculator. Please do not use programs on it. You are not permitted to use cell phones, palm size computers or other devices capable of wireless communication. • During the exam, the TAs or I may move you or write something down on your exam. We are doing this to be cautious; we are not accusing you of anything. • Please do not cheat. I will report people that I suspect of cheating....
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