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N p p x n test statistic z where p n pq correlation

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Unformatted text preview: nq Ú 5, and conditions for binomial distribution. N p-p x N Test statistic: z = where p = n pq Correlation Hypothesis Testing (Alternative Cases for Two Means with Independent Samples) Requires two independent simple random samples and either of these two conditions: Both populations normally distributed or n1 7 30 and n2 7 30. Alternative case when S1 and S2 are both known values: z= 1x1 - x22 - 1m1 - m22 s2 1 s2 2 Scatterplot: Graph of paired (x, y) sample data. Linear Correlation Coefficient r : Measures strength of linear association between the two variables. Property of r : - 1 … r … 1 Correlation Requirements: Bivariate normal distribution (for any fixed value of x, the values of y are normally distributed, and for any fixed value of y, the values of x are normally distributed). Linear Correlation Coefficient: r= n g xy - 1 g x21 g y2 2n1 g x22 - 1 g x22 2n1 g y22 - 1 g y22 or r = g 1zxzy2 n-1 Hypothesis Testing Confidence Intervals (Using One Sample) N N Proportion: p - E 6 p 6 p + E where E = za>2 Bn NN pq N and p = x . n Hypothesis Test: Proce...
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