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R chart range chart control chart of sample ranges

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Unformatted text preview: time of the characteristic values, including a centerline, lower control limit (LCL), and upper control limit (UCL). R Chart (range chart): Control chart of sample ranges. UCL: D4R Centerline: LCL: R D3R b1 = r sy sx b0 : n1 g x22 - 1 g x22 y-intercept of regression line b0 = y - b1x or b1 = n g 1xy2 - 1 g x21 g y2 where df = 1 Test statistic: H= R2 R2 R2 12 1 2 k a + +Á+ b - 31N + 12 N1N + 12 n1 n2 nk Predicting value of y : If no linear correlation, best predicted y value is y; if there is a linear correlation, the best predicted y value is found by substituting x value into regression equation. Marginal Change in a variable: Amount a variable changes when the other variable changes by one unit. Slope b1 is the marginal change in y when x changes by one unit. Influential Point: Strongly affects graph of regression line. Residual: Difference between an observed sample y N value and the value y that is predicted using the regression equation. N Residual = y - y. Least-Squares Property: The sum of squares of the r...
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