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Requirements populations have approximately normal

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Unformatted text preview: ysis of variance): Method of testing equality of three or more population means (by analyzing sample variances). Requirements: Populations have approximately normal distributions, populations have same variance s2, samples are simple random samples, and samples are independent. Decision criterion using significance level r : P-value … a: P-value 7 a: Reject null hypothesis of equal population means Fail to reject equality of population means. where test is right-tailed using x2 distribution with df = k - 1 and k number of samples Rank Correlation: Uses ranks to test for correlation from random paired data. rs: n: d: Rank correlation coefficient Number of pairs of sample data Difference between ranks for two values within a pair Goodness-of-Fit Goodness-of-Fit Test: Test the null hypothesis that an observed frequency distribution fits claimed distribution. O: Observed frequency E: Expected frequency k: Number of different categories n: Total number of trials Requirements: Random data of frequency counts, and E Ú 5 for each category. Te...
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