There is sufficient evidence to support the claim

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Unformatted text preview: cient evidence to warrant rejection of the claim that … [original claim].” “There is sufficient evidence to support the claim that … [original claim].” Two Means (independent samples): Requires two independent simple random samples with both populations normally distributed or n1 7 30 and n2 7 30. The population standard deviations s1 and s2 are usually unknown. Recommendation: do not assume that s1 = s2. Test statistic (unknown s1 and s2, and not assuming s1 = s2): 1 x1 - x22 - 1m1 - m22 t= s2 s2 1 2 + C n1 n2 df = smaller of n1 - 1 and n2 - 1 Hypothesis Testing (Two Variances or Two Standard Deviations) Requires independent simple random samples from populations with normal distributions. s2: 1 n1: s2: 1 larger of the two sample variances size of the sample with the larger variance variance of the population with the larger sample variance s2 1 s2 2 where s2 is the larger of the 1 Test statistic: F = two sample variances and numerator df = n1 - 1 and denominator df = n2 - 1 Hypothesis T esting (One Sample) One Proportion: Requires...
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