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Ucl x a2 r centerline lcl x x a2 r test statistic if

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Unformatted text preview: st is right-tailed with test statistic: 1O - E22 x2 = a E where df = k - 1 x Chart: Control chart of sample means. UCL: x + A2 R Centerline: LCL: x x - A2 R Test statistic (if no ties in ranks): rs = 1 6gd2 n1n2 - 12 p Chart: Control chart to monitor the proportion p of some attribute. pq UCL: p + 3 An Centerline: LCL: p p-3 pq An Test statistic: variance within samples df numerator = k - 1 df denominator = N - k k N Number of population means being compared Total number of values in all samples combined F= variance between samples Test statistic (with ties among ranks): rs = n g xy - 1 g x21 g y2 2n1 g x22 - 1 g x22 2n1 g y22 - 1 g y22 ;z 1n - 1 where p = Test statistic if n … 30: T Test statistic if n 7 30: Tz= n1n + 12 4 Correlation/Regression: Variation and Prediction Intervals Total Deviation: y - y N Explained Deviation: y - y N Unexplained Deviation: y - y N N g (y - y) = g ( y - y) + g ( y - y)2 Coefficient of Determination: r2 = explained variation total variation 2 2 total number of defects total number...
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