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N x p q px fixed number of trials number of successes

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Unformatted text preview: ries, and constant probability. n: x: p: q: P(x): Fixed number of trials Number of successes in n trials Probability of success in one trial Probability of failure in one trial Probability of x successes in n trials P1x2 = m = np s = 1npq n! # px # qn-x 1n - x2!x! Mean (binomial) St. dev. (binomial) Proportion: n= n= Measures of Center: Population mean: m gx Sample mean: x = n Mean from frequency dist.: g 1 f # x2 x= n Median: Middle value of data arranged in order. Mode: Most frequent data value. highest + lowest Midrange: 2 Measures of Variation: Range: maximum - minimum Sample standard deviation: s= g 1 x - x2 2 3za>242 # 0.25 E 2 Reject H0 Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data Determining Sample Size NN 3za>242 pq E 2 N N 1 p and q known2 Mean: n = c za>2s E d 2 Matched Pairs: d - E 6 md 6 d + E sd where E = ta>2 and df = n - 1 1n HYPOTHESIS TEST: TWO-TAILED Significance Level A 0.05 0.01 0.10 Critical Value ±1.96 ±2.575 ±1.645 “There is sufficient evidence to warrant rejection...
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