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APS111 CDS DRAFT Report Attribution Table Team Tutorial Section: _______ Team Number: ______ Date: __________________________ This table should be filled out and submitted with all team documents. It should accurately reflect who contributed to each section of the report and what they contributed. After filling it in, please keep a copy of it for your own files. Section Student Names All Fill in abbreviations for roles for each of the required content elements. You do not have to fill in every cell. The “all” row refers to the complete report and should indicate who was responsible for the final compilation and final read through of the completed document. RS – responsible for research of information RD – wrote the first draft MR – responsible for major revision
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Unformatted text preview: ET – edited for grammar, spelling, and expression OR – other “All” row abbreviations: FP – final read through of complete document for flow and consistency CM – responsible for compiling the elements into the complete document OR - other If you put OR (other) in a cell please put it in as OR1, OR2, etc. Explain briefly below the role referred to: OR1: enter brief description here OR2: enter brief description here Verification: By signing below, you verify that you have read the attribution table and agree that it accurately reflects your contribution to this document. Print Name Signature Print Name Signature Print Name Signature Print Name Signature Print Name Signature Print Name Signature © ESP 2006...
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