oct26 - Announcements- Frosh Friday Seminars –...

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Unformatted text preview: Announcements- Frosh Friday Seminars – Bio-Engineering Minor Communication and Ethics- Module N – balancing the practical with the theoretical – environment, economics, ethics- Moving to Team CDS- Personal ethics for Individual CDS 8 Abilities- to make a credible statements to use and document research properly- to understand and structure beginning, middle and end- to isolate and emphasize a main point- to understand and structure simple, compound, complex and compound/complex sentences- to understand how to develop a unified idea in paragraph form- to organize a bullet list- to be able to proof-read This question will be on the final exam: The verb “dissemble” means:- a) to take apart- b) to move away- c) to appear falsely- d) to advice against- e) to break into bits Practical Application of Engineering Theory- Subjective-> Objective Qualitative Quantitative /\ \/ Humans <- Mathematical Ergonomics Calculations Psychology Science Culture Technology Systems Systems Elements of Communication Systems- Source -> Encoding -> Message Feedback Channel Receiver <- Message <- Decoding Credible Statements- Make an assertion- Explain the assertion- Give evidence to support Three Kinds of Evidence- Data- Research- Scientific Principle Writing Process- P lanning O utline W rite E dit R ewrite Pre-drafting(P) Drafting(W) Revising(OER) Editing(ER) Proof-reading(E) Conceptual Design Specification- Purpose: to clearly communicate to the client enough detail about the conceptual design such that the client can make an initial assessment of whether the plan, if implemented as shown, will lead to a design that meets their needs....
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oct26 - Announcements- Frosh Friday Seminars –...

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