sept7 - o Syllabus o Semester Schedule ± 1 st assignment...

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1 Engineering Strategies and Practice: Overview ESP I and II APS 111/112 Sept 7/2006 ESP Lecture 1 ± Textbook Chapters for lectures: 1.1 ESP Intro - Dos ± DO take notes, they will NOT be posted. ± DO get to know your Teaching Assistant (T/A) in your Tutorial Sessions ± DO use all the counseling resources provided by the University (see your handbook) ± DO respect the rights of others ± Do remember to enjoy University life Course Structure ESP I: Fall Module A: Design Process Team Process Professional Communication Module B: Design for Human Factors, Society and the Environment ESP II: Winter Module C: Project Management Module D: Major Design Project Convocation Hall Do’s and Don’ts Please Don’t: ± Bring in food or drink ± Place recording devices on stage ± Have your cell phone on ± Take pictures of the screens Please Do ± Sit where you can see clearly ± Show civility and consideration ± Come to class on time ± Leave only when the class is over APS111 Course Package ± Important course information
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Unformatted text preview: o Syllabus o Semester Schedule ± 1 st assignment instructions ± Instructions for websites used in ESP I ± Bring it to tutorial with you: Agendas READ CAREFULLY 2 Engineering Notebook (page 27) ± What is it? This is your brain backup A text written by you to your future self An organizational tool A learning tool A requirement in many industries Why a Pet Toy ± Chance work through the design process: – A relatively complex but familiar problem – Allows creativity – Across all disciplines ± Will require stepping through all aspects of team development ± Will require many aspects of written and oral communication required in professional practice Key Points ± ESP is a design course ± Communication and team skills are taught in this course in the context of design ± Read the syllabus carefully, and bring the course package with you to tutorial. COMMUNICATIONS TEAM DESIGN...
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sept7 - o Syllabus o Semester Schedule ± 1 st assignment...

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