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1 Engineering Strategies and Practice: Overview ESP I and II APS 111/112 Sept 7/2006 ESP Lecture 1 Textbook Chapters for lectures: 1.1 ESP Intro - Dos DO take notes, they will NOT be posted. DO get to know your Teaching Assistant (T/A) in your Tutorial Sessions DO use all the counseling resources provided by the University (see your handbook) DO respect the rights of others Do remember to enjoy University life Course Structure ESP I: Fall Module A: Design Process Team Process Professional Communication Module B: Design for Human Factors, Society and the Environment ESP II: Winter Module C: Project Management Module D: Major Design Project Convocation Hall Do’s and Don’ts Please Don’t: Bring in food or drink Place recording devices on stage Have your cell phone on Take pictures of the screens Please Do Sit where you can see clearly Show civility and consideration Come to class on time Leave only when the class is over APS111 Course Package Important course information
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Unformatted text preview: o Syllabus o Semester Schedule ± 1 st assignment instructions ± Instructions for websites used in ESP I ± Bring it to tutorial with you: Agendas READ CAREFULLY 2 Engineering Notebook (page 27) ± What is it? This is your brain backup A text written by you to your future self An organizational tool A learning tool A requirement in many industries Why a Pet Toy ± Chance work through the design process: – A relatively complex but familiar problem – Allows creativity – Across all disciplines ± Will require stepping through all aspects of team development ± Will require many aspects of written and oral communication required in professional practice Key Points ± ESP is a design course ± Communication and team skills are taught in this course in the context of design ± Read the syllabus carefully, and bring the course package with you to tutorial. COMMUNICATIONS TEAM DESIGN...
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