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sept11 - cost incurred Problem Definition Stage ± Input...

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1 Sept 11/2006 ESP Lectures2and3: Introduction to Design Textbook Chapters: 1,2, 4 (scan). Design Introduction Determining your clients needs “Design is the essence of engineering” What is it? “Design establishes and defines solutions to and pertinent structures for problems not solved before, or new solutions to problems which have previously been solved in a different way.” What do Engineers Design? Services: Structures: Systems: Products: Infrastructure: Processes: Manufacturing processes: Materials: Design Process: Basic Methodology Problem Statement Gather Information Concept Generation Evaluation Product Architecture Configuration Design Parametric Design Detail Design Conceptual Design APS 111 Why do you want to get right? Influence of Design on Final Cost market development percent of product cost committed conceptual design product design manufacturing product use Time Taken from Engineering Design by Dieter cost committed
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Unformatted text preview: cost incurred Problem Definition Stage ± Input: The Client Statement ± Task: Clarify Design Objectives Establish User Requirements Identify Constraints Establish Functions ± Methods: Objectives Trees Pairwise comparison Function-Means Tree Functional Analysis Requirements Matrix ± Means: Literature Review Brainstorming Surveys and interviews ± Output: Revised Problem (Design) Statement Refined objectives, constraints, functions, User requirements 2 Client Statement: I want to go from home to school Problem (Design) Statement Prof. Woodhouse requires transportation from her home to school. She needs to reliably travel to school and back on a daily basis. She would prefer a mode of transportation that is environmentally friendly. However, she must make the trip in less than 1 hour from Richmond Hill, and does not want to spend more than $100 per month....
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sept11 - cost incurred Problem Definition Stage ± Input...

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