sept21 - Lecture7: Announcements Nopaperairplanes=P...

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Lecture 7: Need Identification and Problem Statement Announcements - Frost Friday Seminar - September 22 - No paper airplanes =P - Reminder: Anything written in pencil will not be marked Design Process - Problem Statement <-> Gather Information -> Concept Generation -> Evaluation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Product Architecture -> Configuration Design -> Parametric Design -> Detail Design - Problem Definition Stage - Input: The Client Statements  - Task: Clarify Design Objectives Establish User Requirements Identify Constraints Establish Functions - Methods: Objectives Tree Pairwise comparison Function-Means Tree Functional Analysis Requirements Matrix - Means: Literature Review Brainstorming Surveys and Interviews - Output: Revised Problem (Design) Statement - Analyzing Client Statements - Research the client itself - Question the client on anything not clearly stated - Provide more specific questions to clarify gray areas
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  • Spring '09
  • Detail Design, problem definition stage, Constraints Establish Functions, Identify Constraints Establish

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sept21 - Lecture7: Announcements Nopaperairplanes=P...

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