sept21 - ± Means Literature Review Brainstorming Surveys...

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1 Sept 21/2006 ESP Lecture 7 ± Textbook Chapters: 1,2,3 – Team continued • Producing Phase – Design: Need identification • Definitions: Objectives, functions and constraints Gilmore and Associates,1992 With permission People Skills Process Skills Purpose The Successful Team COMMUNICATIONS TEAM Need Identification and Problem Definition (Con’t) DESIGN Design Process: Problem Statement Gather Information Concept Generation Evaluation Product Architecture Configuration Design Parametric Design Detail Design Conceptual Design Problem Definition Stage ± Input: The Client Statement ± Task: Clarify Design Objectives Establish User Requirements Identify Constraints Establish Functions ± Methods: Objectives Trees Pairwise comparison Function-Means Tree Functional Analysis Requirements Matrix
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Unformatted text preview: ± Means: Literature Review Brainstorming Surveys and interviews ± Output: Revised Problem (Design) Statement Definitions ± Objectives: Desired attributes or behavior • Performance • Aesthetics • Reliability • Durability • Serviceability • Lend themselves to measurement “The design should be ….” ± Constraints: Conformance Standards, regulations, limits on the design Constraints and Objectives are related 2 Definitions ± Functions: functional requirements • What the design should do • The action(s) it must perform • “The design can” usually followed by an action verb What the design should do ± Means: Ways of executing functions • Plane will be made of titanium and aluminum...
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sept21 - ± Means Literature Review Brainstorming Surveys...

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