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Study Guide for Midterm: Professor Woodhouse The work covered by Professor Woodhouse’s lectures can be found in Chapters 1-5. Professor Weiss will provide a separate information sheet for his lectures. Know in Detail means: Will be on midterm, know well, MEMORIZE detail, and know key concepts very well Know key concepts, terms and definitions: Understand the key concepts presented in the section, likely to be a question from this section 1. Know in detail anything that has been presented more than once. Please note: Questions for the midterm will be from the textbook, the lecture, and the tutorial. You are responsible for the sections from the textbook as listed below even if the content was not covered in lecture.
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Unformatted text preview: You are responsible for lecture and tutorial content even if that content is not also found in the text including the case study presented in lecture on Oct 12. Textbook Chapter 1 1. Know in detail: 1.1,1.2 (all sections), 1.3 (all sections), 1.4 (all sections), 1.5 (all sections), 1.9 2. Know key concepts: 1.6, 1.10,1.11, 1.12 Chapter 2 1. Know in detail : 2.1-2.5 (inclusive), 2.7 2. Know key concepts : 2.6 Chapter 3 1. Know in detail: All of chapter 3 EXCLUDING Pareto, Interrelationship diagraph, epilogue, 3.8, PERT Chapter 4 1. Know key concepts: All of chapter 4 EXCLUDING 4.9 Chapter 5 1. Know in detail: All of chapter 5 EXCLUDING decision trees....
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