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1 Communication Lecture Individual CDS Proof-reading Skills Individual CDS – Revised Sections ± Cover page ± Executive Summary ± Problem Definition (background) –Problem statement –Identification of Stakeholders –Functions –Objectives and Constraints –Service environment ± Alternatives considered, including proposed Conceptual design, and documentation of the decision making process. ± Proposed conceptual design ± Metrics ± Conclusion/ Recommendation ± Reference list ± Appendices – with graphical material related to the design ± Grading Rubric Individual CDS – New Sections ± Environmental Impact and Life Cycle ± Social Impact ± Human Factors ± Economics
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2 Style ± Definitions, Abbreviations, Acronyms ± Tense ± First person pronouns ± Numbers – figures versus words ± Consistency ± Usage Frequent errors ± Affect/effect ± Their/there ± Lead/led ± Research/researches ± Its/it’s Proof-reading ± Agreement in number of subject and verb ± Errors in parallel construction ± Misplaced or dangling modifiers ± Pronouns ± Collective nouns
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Communication_Lecture_5_Individual_CDS_Proof-Reading -...

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