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bimm 100 terms - Why is it important What does it do...

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Why is it important? What does it do? Nucleosome The nucleosome is a packaging unit of DNA consisting of the DNA and histones. Allows for tighter packing of DNA. Spliceosome Splices out introns. U1, U2, U4, U5, U6. Catalyzes 2 transesterifaction reactions to release a lariant intron. Exosome An enzyme that degrades decapped and de adenylated mRNA. Helps control protein systhesis. Primase An RNA primer that helps with DNA synthesis by laying down a RNA primer snoRNAs Small nucleolar RNAs usually made of released intronic mRNA. Helps with the modifcations of pre rRNA. Alu Elements Most abundant mobile element in the human genome. Identified as Sines or short interspersed elements. Active as transposable elements PABP1 Poly A binding protein 1 is what is bound to the mRNA before it is cleaved and helps carry out slow polyadenylatin PABPII Poly A binding protein that comes in after mRNA is cleaved at polyadenylation site and helps with more efficient, faster polyadenylation. Benzo (a) pyrene
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bimm 100 terms - Why is it important What does it do...

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