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Thesis Prescription drug abuse is most common amongst the younger generation, which leads to adulthood addiction. Introduction Why do people abuse prescription drugs? Some people think that because a doctor prescribed them that they are stronger. Others believe that they are safe and less addictive than street drugs. There are people who experiment with them thinking they will be fun, make them fit in or even lose weight. These three types of people are incorrect and are usually the one’s who abuse prescription drugs. Prescriptions are easily accessible through friends, family members and on the street, like other illegal drugs. It is happening more and more amongst young kids, starting at the age of twelve. Conclusion Although we may think that prescription drugs are safe because they are provided by a doctor, it is always best to put them away from our kids and teach them about the consequences of abusing.
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Unformatted text preview: They need to understand that buying or taking a prescription drug from someone else is breaking the law, which could put them in jail. There were 17.6% of kids at the age of twelve, buying, selling and abusing prescription drugs in 2006 ( This can be prevented if we are more cautious and strict with the law. When you abuse these prescription drugs when you are a kid, it leads to adulthood addiction. It is harder to stop when you are an adult and have been addicted for so long which causes pain, loneliness and even suicidal thoughts. If you know someone who is abusing drugs or if you are doing it yourself you should always get some kind of help, whether it is speaking with a counselor or going through rehab. Finally, never use someone else's prescription. And don't allow a friend to use yours. Not only are you putting your friend at risk, but you could suffer too....
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