Assignment_ethnic groups and discrimination

Assignment_ethnic groups and discrimination - I belong to...

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I belong to the White ethnic group which was responsible for the colonization of North America. When most people think about the colonization of North America they think of White people on the Mayflower landing on Plymouth Rock. While the pilgrims did colonize what is now referred to as New England, the Spanish were actually the first to colonize North America. No matter who first colonized North America, this colonization caused an influx of immigrants that asserted their dominance over the native people. This colonization was also the root cause of slavery being introduced to this "New World". Caucasian Americans arrived in this country in several different ways. The primary way was colonization from Europe. We all know the story of how America was colonized. The Caucasian American group did not face prejudice, segregation or racism. The Caucasian American however did promote prejudice, segregation, and racism to all subordinate classes of race. I will describe each type of discrimination that we white Americans promoted. Pilgrims are most notably identified as coming to North America to escape religious persecution. The ironic part of the colonization is that the pilgrims forced their religion on those native to North America. It is important to remember that this may be one of the first indications of future ethnic and racial problems that would caused by the
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Assignment_ethnic groups and discrimination - I belong to...

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