capstone checkpoint week 9

capstone checkpoint week 9 - During my studies Learning...

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During my studies; Learning about the social, cultural and economical conditions that affect racial and ethnic minority groups in the United States has helped me better understand the characterizations of these groups. Everyone was once an immigrant from some part of the world, from my family who came here from Germany, to people who arrived here hundreds of years ago from other all over the world. At some point, all of these groups faced struggles with assimilation and will probably continue to do so throughout the years. I did learn something interesting about my cultural background. I have a lot of family from Germany and it is in my blood. I learned that German Americans had a strong influence on the labor movement enabling immigrants to improve working conditions and integrate in American society as a whole. As of today, German Americans account for 17% of the US population. The population estimates now indicate that the Hispanic community is the nation’s largest minority community. It is also anticipated that the growth of racial and
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capstone checkpoint week 9 - During my studies Learning...

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