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What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you? The term race to me describes a group of people that are similar. Race is mostly determined by physical attributions such as, color, language, physical features and even blood types. Us as human beings are know as the “human race;” which is an accurate definition because despite languages, color, blood type, etc. we are all the same. We all live in the United States and have equal rights, no matter what your race is. All of us have the same parts, male being alike and female being alike, so the term “race” is only describing group as a whole by different physical attributions. Ethnicity is a lot different from describing race and to me it describes or defines the background of a person or thing. Different foods can be described as “ethnic foods” because they originate from a particular country. Ethnicity can also be determined once a person speaks. A person can have blonde hair, blue eyes and light skinned and we may
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Unformatted text preview: assume they are from the United States, but once they speak you will discover they are from Russia or Germany. Ones ethnicity may also be determined by their birth place, beliefs or religion. When I think of ethnicity, physical attributes are not what comes to mind, but ones background and traits does. Why are these concepts important to United States Society? Race and ethnicity help define ones character. The United States is all about freedom and giving everyone the right to that freedom and to express ourselves. These two concepts are important in the business world because they allow different races to gain benefits. When the census is sent out every year, these two concepts come into play because they ask what your race is and your ethnicity. Heritage is and should always be recognized, but acknowledging the vast backgrounds that exist in our country is most important....
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