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The company I frequently use is Chevron Food-n-Fun. The main components are fuel, food, drinks, ice, and everything a convenience store offers. The first main component is fuel. I would have to say that this is the biggest revenue it has. The reason is that it is a gas station. The next main component would be the food and drinks. When a person stops for fuel, they sometimes want a snack or something to drink. Sometimes it can be both. The other main component is ice. During the summer and sometimes year round a person may want a bag of ice for some sort of gathering or for a trip out of town. Anyone can be at the store for any reason not just for fuel but
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Unformatted text preview: maybe that person just wants something else the store has to offer. The other items that available for purchase is lotto tickets, medication (as in Tums or Advil), cigarettes, oil for a vehicle (this can include car, truck, sport utility vehicle, or watercraft), baby needs (like a bottle or pacifier). They also have milk, bread to purchase for after the grocery store has closed, and the people do not want to go across the town or city to a 24-hour grocery store....
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