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Axia College Material Appendix B Roles and Behaviors Description of Company The company I would like to have is a Coffee Café. We would offer different flavors of coffee and a variety of pastries. I would have only happy, friendly employees. I would expect all employees to be courteous and friendly at all times while in the building. If any employee was not they would have to give up their shift for the day. Our number one rule would be to leave all the personal drama outside the building. We would offer a refillable mug to all customers. We would offer a rewards card to all customers this way once they have filled in the card they could get a free pastry or cup of coffee. Roles and Behaviors Entrepreneurs As the creator of the business, I would be an entrepreneur. I would also include security specialist, health specialist, to ensure we are selling items that are healthy for the customer. My role would be to research different types of coffee shops to find the ones that offer the best to their customers. I would
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Unformatted text preview: also be responsible for hiring the happiest, friendliest people for the café. Managers The managers would have to make sure that all other employees follow the rules and regulations of the FDA. I would be the head of all managers in the store. I myself would work in the store any time during the day to ensure all rules and regulations for the FDA are being followed correctly. Employees The employees can be anyone that wants to work for a great company and can follow all FDA rules and regulations. Employees and managers alike would have to pass a rules and regulations test to ensure that all understand the FDA rules and regulations when it comes to dealing with customer’s food and drinks. What behaviors and attitudes should be cultivated in your organization? The behaviors and attitudes should always be happy and friendly in my organization. I will not tolerate any misconduct in my store. Disciplinary will fit the broken rule or regulation....
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