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0021214821 Psych 203-006 October 16, 2009 Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography – Terror Management 1. Greenberg, J., Pysczynski, T., Solomon, S., Rosenblatt, A., Veeder, M., Kirkland, S., et al. (1990). Evidence for terror management theory II: The effects of mortality salience on reactions to those who threaten or bolster the cultural worldview. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 58 (2), 308-318. Evaluating the human tendency of violence towards people who are different is important for understanding as well as practical applications. According to Ernest Becker (1962, 1973, 1975) human awareness of mortality can produce extreme terror, and societies form beliefs about reality to buffer anxiety and fear about inevitable death. In order to verify theories of terror management, Greenberg, J., et al. (1990) conducted three studies involving mortality salience. Mortality salience treatments were derived from the Rosenblatt et al. (1989) study where participants wrote about what would physically happen to them when they die and how thinking about their own death made them feel. Rosenblatt et al. (1989) used the idea of a prostitute as a moral transgressor, and found groups in the mortality salience condition reacted more negatively to the prostitute description. Greenberg, J., et al. (1990) expected to see if the same negative reactions in response to people who agree with or refute worldviews. The Greenberg, J., et al. (1990) study expands previous research to include reactions towards people with different religious affiliations, attitude, and explicit criticism or bolstering of
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annotatedbib - 0021214821 October 16, 2009 Psych 203-006...

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