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2009_Course_Information - MCDB 134 GENERAL ANIMAL VIROLOGY...

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MCDB 134 GENERAL ANIMAL VIROLOGY Spring Quarter 2009 Course Information Lecture: LSB 1001, Rathmann Auditorium M,W,F 10:00-10:50 am Instructor: C. E. Samuel C.A. Storke Professor of Biochemistry & Virology, MCDB Office: LSB 2119 Hours: M, W 11 am at LSB Courtyard, just outside of lecture hall F 12:30-1:30 pm at LSB 2119. Teaching Assistants: Kristina Okonski (weeks 1-5) Zhiqun Li (weeks 6-10) Office Hours: Th 2-3 PM at LSB 2109, and by appointment. Discussion Sections: Thursday: 11:00-11:50; 5:00-5:50; Friday: 9:00-9:50;12:00-12:50; 2:00-2:50; 3:00-3:50. You must attend the Section in which you are enrolled. All Sections meet in the LSB small classroom, room 1101 Course Materials: SUGGESTED REFERENCE TEXT: The following general text is available at the University Bookstore: Flint, Enquist, Racaniello, and Skalka "Principles of Virology" volume 1, 3 rd edition, ASM Press (2009) HANDOUTS and ARTICLES: Copies of class handouts including figures of virus multiplication schemes, and copies of the journal articles that will be considered at the weekly Discussion Section meetings are available on the course website.
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