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MCDB 134 C. E. Samuel Spring Quarter, 2009 Office: LSB 2119 Lecture LSB 1001 Office Hrs: M, W 11 at LSB Courtyard MWF 10:00 to 10:50 F 12:30-1:30 at LSB 2119 GENERAL ANIMAL VIROLOGY Tentative Lecture Outline March 30 Introduction. Nature and classification of animal viruses: April 1 Morphology and ultrastructure of viruses. Growth, assay and purification of viruses. 3 Initiation of infection: early steps of the multiplication cycle (adsorption, penetration and uncoating); strategies for expression of animal virus genomes. [April 6] Multiplication of viruses: transcription, translation, replication; regulation of macromolecular synthesis; structure and function of viral macromolecules; assembly and release of virions; viral genetics; alterations of cellular metabolism, transformation, viral pathogenesis mechanisms; host response to viral infection; [May 27] epidemiology of viral infections.
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Unformatted text preview: April 6 Picornaviridae (poliovirus) 8 " 10 Rhabdoviridae (vesicular stomatitis virus, rabies) 13 " 15 Paramyxoviridae (measles virus) 17 Viral immunology: D. Sears (adaptive antiviral immunity) 20 Orthomyxoviridae (influenza virus) 22 " 24 1 st MIDTERM EXAM 27 Reoviridae (reovirus, rotavirus) 29 Papovaviridae (SV40) May 1 Papillomaviridae (HPV) 4 Retroviridae (Rous sarcoma virus, HIV) 6 " 8 " 11 " 13 " 15 Herpesviridae (herpes simplex virus) 18 " 20 Poxviridae (vaccinia virus) 22 2 nd MIDTERM EXAM 25 Memorial Day HOLIDAY 27 Vaccines: past, present, and future 29 Emerging viruses; Flaviviridae (HCV) June 1 Interferons and other cytokines (innate antiviral immunity). 3 Chemotherapeutic agents 5 Summary. Late breaking developments in virology 8 FINAL EXAM (8 AM - 11 AM), Monday (Room TBA)...
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