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NAME VsEE,ll( 9J'+' ftwrras z.k r. K K ul! L and what diseases are targeted by the vaccine? 5. 8. fifDTERAi II llray 22, 2OO9 Perm MCDB 134 Generol Animol Virology edadel fl f7 ^ ^ @lvoul fu/'tl//' UPV t t' ) nrY '6) i Ut5(44'h -;!r*i.t ttta.6 (WtAt tt?vtl llf t J. rs pr.r The srudy of Rous ,-[oru virus has contributed significantly to our understanding of retroviruses. Three enzymatic activities that are encoded by the pol gene of RSV are fLvhgL frrwor,ftfa*L &T , StJarot * , and - t rv _. Two additional enzymes encoded by the RSV genome Ere edby tn W*' sene, ^"a- tWost*;'*/katraaz gfo .*n". The produ"r,orrffir*il* *.u*@ teus(circte most correcr answer) | of the infected cell. Transcription to produce mRNA encoded by the provirus occun in ttre lcVtoelasn([email protected] mo6t con€ct ant*"t)l of the infected cell, l| L L l. 4. 7. f . lrzpsr Human papilloma virus (HPV) and simian virus40(SV4O) both encode early and late genes. (a) tz ptsl What is the temporal reference point that demarks the difference between 9g4y and late gene expression in SV4Ginfected CV I cells? . Z -\- tu+4 iFE L $nwf n DUn S,nrfusa -t r - I{ (4ps) What is afundamental difference between SV40 and HPV with regard to the directionality of HPV-infected cells, respectively? (nfa (svu"+,*@ t*t* t+ ptsl What is the functional nature of the HPV early proteins E6 and E7? Briefly describe the mechanism T"IV; ;': rffiffiXIi^#f,ffi#: le ; Zlffi ,#"' ::. 2 [email protected],*rt,t*l " - /a* ,t ntrtr@^i%l O) ru pt"r What is the functional role of the VPI-3 and Ll and L2 t"t" pror#, tftrfrrr1Kffi ffsWy by which they act. , -'r"'^'-'^F-do^E?,W,-W W Wfr!/4,w1 wh1//4,wn yI T44+Ltt 7rcFf,i4t4' I EGrU",!i p53, {ed/rna f 9,M,. i 'ro, ?,ffi?'ai', W*7E's Z. rc ptsr Gardasil is a quadrivaleni rCcombinant vaccine. Why is the vaccine termed a quadrivalent vaccine, L Cuoariralsnd *wffi,:ffi'rr/ffi tilYngl4 44a//?'51- I fua.t t 4/ tlPV W'/[,tk";d, ry W7' $i.n /t'6 q tua'wt '0 'r.v ru r - A,t,-{ \ VfW,v,avyv.t ;0 _, 7 ll ca/44e+ Glv
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NAME {. r:opst Complete each of the following statemens by placing a circle around the single most accurate answer. a Viruses that utilize a virion-associated-polymerase to synthesize viral mRNA within ipfected celts jgplude: l) Rous sarcoma virus; 2) infludnza A virus; 3) human papilloma virus;4) reoVirus; 5) I and 3; Qpanda:T
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MT_2_2009_Answers - l l| z.k r K 5 8 V 9 J f twrras N AMEsEE,ll fifDTERAi II MCDB1 34 llray 22 2OO9 Perm A G enerol nimolV irology 4 7 L L K u l L

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