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Unformatted text preview: Order of Transcription of Genes of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus L. Andrew Ball, and Carol N. White doi:10.1073/pnas.73.2.442 1976;73;442-446 PNAS This information is current as of March 2007. www.pnas.org#otherarticles This article has been cited by other articles: E-mail Alerts . click here the top right corner of the article or Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article - sign up in the box at Rights & Permissions www.pnas.org/misc/rightperm.shtml To reproduce this article in part (figures, tables) or in entirety, see: Reprints www.pnas.org/misc/reprints.shtml To order reprints, see: Notes: Proc.Nat.Acad.Sci.USA Vol.73,No.2,pp.442-446,February1976 Biochemistry Order oftranscription ofgenesofvesicular stomatitis virus (coupledtranscriptionandtranslation/eukaryoticcell-freesystem/ultravioletirradiation/mechanismoftranscription/geneorder) L.ANDREW BALL AND CAROL N.WHITE MicrobiologySection,BiologicalSciencesGroup,UniversityofConnecticut,Storrs,Conn.06268 CommunicatedbyJamesE.Darnell,December3,1975 ABSTRACT Theeffectofultravioletradiationontheex- pressionofthegenesofvesicularstomatitisvirus(VSV)was studied in a cell-freesystem which executed coupled tran- scriptionand translationoftheviralgenes.In thissystem, whichcontaineddetergent-activatedvirusandacytoplasmic extractofmouse L-cells,threeofthefiveviralproteins(N, NS,andM)weresynthesizedaccuratelyandefficiently;apu- tativeprecursortotheviral glycoprotein(G) was alsomade, butsynthesisoftheL proteinwas notdetected.Inresponse toirradiationofVSV, the synthesisofeach protein inthe coupledsystem displayeda characteristic single-hitinhibi- tion.Thispermittedcalculationoftheapparenttarget-sizes forexpressionofthe differentviralgenesrelativetotheen- tiregenome(3.6to4.0X 106daltons)asmeasuredbylossof infectivity.Theseare:N,0.55 X 106;NS,0.83X 106; M, 1.12 X 106; G, 1.76X 106daltonsofRNA.OnlytheN proteingene has atarget-sizewhich corresponds tothatpredicted from the molecular weight of its messenger RNA (molecular weight:0.55 X 106).Thetarget-sizesfor theotherthreegenes aretwo tofourtimes largerthanexpected,andarenotpro- portional to the molecular weights of their corresponding messengerRNAs (molecularweights:NS,0.28X 10s;M,0.28 X 106;G.0.7X 106).ThispolareffectofUV irradiationisin- consistent with independent transcription of each of the genesofVSV. Rather,thetarget-sizesappeartobecumula- tive,suggesting thattranscriptioninitiatesata singlepoint on VSV RNA and proceedsintheorder 3' -N-NS -M -G - (L)-5'. Vesicularstomatitisvirus(VSV)(Indianaserotype) isa rhab- doviruscontainingas itsgenome a singlenegativestrandof RNA ofmolecularweight3.6to4.0 X 106(1).This RNA contains thegenesforthefiveknownvirus-specificproteins, allofwhicharecomponentsofthe virus particle:L,thevi- rion-associated transcriptase (RNA nucleotidyltransferase, EC;G, thevirionglycoprotein,whichisacompo- nent ofthevirallipidenvelope;N,thenucleoprotein;NS,a minorprotein ofunknownfunctionwhich is associatedwith theviralcore;and M, thematrix protein,anothercompo-...
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Order_of_transcription_of_genes_of_VSV - Order of...

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