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CE 206 Project Presentations Evaluation EVALUATOR: Prof. Brown 13.5 PTS = B- PROJECT: MKAT PRESENTER: Tom Wienckowski Beginning = 1 Developing = 2 Competent = 3 Accomplished = 4 Exemplary = 5 Content = 3 Organization = 3 Manner of Delivery = 2 Visual Aids = 2.5 Handling Questions = 1 Overall Evaluation = 2 Beginning – Not meeting expectations for an entry-level engineer Developing – Occasionally meeting expectations for an entry-level engineer Competent – Meeting expectations for an entry-level engineer Accomplished – Meeting and occasionally exceeding expectations for an entry-level engineer Exemplary – Generally exceeding expectations for an entry-level engineer Comments: 1. Your content in the Methods & Procedures was pretty good, but you should coordinate with the
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Unformatted text preview: other speakers. You repeated some of the information that was presented by Andrew. 2. Your part of the presentation was fairly well organized. 3. Maintain eye contact with your audience and try not to speak in a low monotone. 4. Instead of putting so many words on your slides, show us images. Pictures, drawings, graphs, charts are all good. The audience can read much faster than you can talk which means we’re finished with the slide and ready to move on before you are. It would be much better to use pictures to illustrate what you were talking about. Didn’t you take any? 5. You let the other guys jump in and answer all the questions....
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