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Unformatted text preview: 5. (a) Recalling the straight sections discussion in Sample Problem 29-1, we see that the current in the straight segments collinear with P do not contribute to the field at that point. Using Eq. 29-9 (with φ = θ) and the right-hand rule, we find that the current in the semicircular arc of radius b contributes µ 0iθ 4 πb (out of the page) to the field at P. Also, the current in the large radius arc contributes µ 0iθ 4 πa (into the page) to the field there. Thus, the net field at P is B= ⎜ − ⎟= 4 ⎝b a⎠ = 1.02 ×10 −7 T. µ 0iθ ⎛ 1 1 ⎞ (4π ×10 −7 T ⋅ m A)(0.411A)(74°⋅π /180°) ⎛ 1 1⎞ − ⎜ ⎟ 4π ⎝ 0.107m 0.135m ⎠ (b) The direction is out of the page. ...
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