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(c) and (d) Fig. 29-45(b) shows that as we get very close to wire 2 (where its field strongly dominates over that of the more distant wire 1) B y points along the – y direction. The right-hand rule leads us to conclude that wire 2’s current is consequently is into the page . We previously observed that the currents were in opposite directions, so wire 1’s current is out of the page . 14. The fact that B y = 0 at x = 10 cm implies the currents are in opposite directions. Thus 01 02 02 41 2( ) 2 2 y ii i B Lx x Lxx µµ µ ππ π ⎛⎞ =− = ⎜⎟ ++ ⎝⎠ using Eq. 29-4 and the fact that 12 4 ii = . To get the maximum, we take the derivative with respect to x and set equal to zero. This leads to 3 x 2 – 2 Lx L 2 = 0 which factors and becomes (3
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