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32. By the right-hand rule (which is “built-into” Eq. 29-3) the field caused by wire 1’s current, evaluated at the coordinate origin, is along the + y axis. Its magnitude B 1 is given by Eq. 29-4. The field caused by wire 2’s current will generally have both an x and a y component which are related to its magnitude B 2 (given by Eq. 29-4) and sines and cosines of some angle. A little trig (and the use of the right-hand rule) leads us to conclude that when wire 2 is at angle θ 2 (shown in Fig. 29-60) then its components are 222 2 2 2 sin , cos . xy BB B B θ θ == The magnitude-squared of their net field is then x -component and the square of their net y -component:
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