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34. We note that when there is no y -component of magnetic field from wire 1 (which, by the right-hand rule, relates to when wire 1 is at 90º = π /2 rad), the total y -component of magnetic field is zero (see Fig. 29-62(c)). This means wire #2 is either at + π /2 rad or −π /2 rad. (a) We now make the assumption that wire #2 must be at −π /2 rad ( 90º, the bottom of the cylinder) since it would pose an obstacle for the motion of wire #1 (which is needed to make these graphs) if it were anywhere in the top semicircle. (b) Looking at the θ 1 = 90º datum in Fig. 29-62(b)) – where there is a maximum in B net x (equal to +6 µ T) – we are led to conclude that 1 6.0 T 2.0 T 4.0 T x B µ µµ = −= in that situation. Using Eq. 29-4, we obtain 6 1 1 7 0 2 2 (0.200 m)(4.0 10 T) 4.0 A
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