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Summer Syllabus: ENGL 1005 Textbook: Writing in the Disciplines: A Reader and Rhetoric for Academic Writers , 6 th ed. by M. L. Kennedy and W. J. Kennedy. This syllabus is a tentative overview of the summer term. Print it out and keep it with your course materials, as we will refer to it often. Pay attention to updates or schedule changes announced in class. . WEEK 1: JUNE 7 – JUNE 11 Monday, June 7 : Introduction and overview Homework: a) Locate 2 articles addressing the same topic in 2 different online news sources. See Moodle for more detailed description of assignments AND print out syllabus and bring to class Tuesday. b ) Read “Promoting Marriage as a Means for Promoting Fatherhood,” by Horn, pp. 478-484 AND pp. . 28-31. Come prepared to discuss the reading. c) Writing assignment: Based on your reading about rhetorical analysis and using questions on p. 28 as a guide, write a 1-2 page (typed) rhetorical analysis of one of your articles (to turn in). Bring your book, your articles, and your homework to our next class. Tuesday. June 8: Discussing rhetorical analysis and Essay 1. Homework: a) Read “Many Women at Elite Colleges Set Career Path to Motherhood” by Story, 91-95 and “Weasel-Words Rip My Flesh!” by Shafer. b) Read pp. 184-185, Take notes as you read and come prepared to discuss the reading tomorrow. c)
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This note was uploaded on 06/08/2010 for the course ENGL 1005 taught by Professor Gladmen during the Summer '10 term at LSU.

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Summer_syllabus - Summer Syllabus: ENGL 1005 Textbook:...

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