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Sheet1 Page 1 From unix-sources-request Wed Mar 4 01:44:50 1987 Relay-Version: version B 2.10.3 4.3bsd-beta 6/6/85 Posting-Version: version B 2.10.3 4.3bsd-beta 6/6/85 Path: prandtl!unix-sources-request From: [email protected] Newsgroups: nas.list.sources Subject: ANSI C draft yacc grammar Message-ID: <[email protected]> Date: 4 Mar 87 09:44:50 GMT Date-Received: 4 Mar 87 09:44:50 GMT Sender: [email protected] Organization: NASA Ames-NAS, Moffet Field, CA Lines: 777 From: Tom Stockfisch People keep asking me for a copy, so I am reposting a yacc grammar (actually, a complete program) for the April 1985 draft of the ANSI C standard. It finds syntax errors in its input. Oh yeah, this was originally posted by Jeff Lee. || Tom Stockfisch, UCSD Chemistry [email protected] #!/bin/sh # to extract, remove the header and type "sh filename" if `test ! -s ./Makefile` then echo "writting ./Makefile" cat > ./Makefile << '\Rogue\Monster\' YFLAGS = -dv CFLAGS = -O LFLAGS = SRC = gram.y scan.l main.c OBJ = gram.o scan.o main.o $(BIN)/ansi_c : $(OBJ) cc $(CFLAGS) $(OBJ)/ansi_c scan.o : y.tab.h clean : rm -f y.tab.h y.output *.o \Rogue\Monster\ else echo "will not over write ./Makefile" fi if `test ! -s ./README` then echo "writting ./README"
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Sheet1 Page 2 cat > ./README << '\Rogue\Monster\' The files in this directory contain the ANSI C grammar from the April 30, 1985 draft of the proposed standard. This copy also incorporates all bug fixes I have seen since the last two postings. With a little work this grammar can be made to parse the C that most of us know and love (sort of). There is one bug fix to the grammar that is in this posting. On line 295 of gram.y it previously read declaration_specifiers instead of type_specifier_list as it does now. I believe the folks at the ANSI committee made a mistake since if you replace the line with what the original read you will end up with 16 shift/reduce errors and 2 reduce/reduce errors (the good ones). As it is, it only has 1 shift/reduce error that occurs on the if/else construct. YACC creates the correct parser and I don't want to ugly my grammar up. Anyway, all cumquats unite and generate this sucker. Then just sit and play with it. Remember, the grammar accepts things like Hello, world++ 1.23 *'a' but this is not a bug, but simply a shuffling of the checking into the semantic analysis. If you want to hack it up to do lvalue and rvalue checking, I'm sure the ANSI committee would be glad to have your changes. Don't send'em to me though. I don't want'em. Wear this in good health. Jeff Lee gatech!jeff [email protected] [email protected] \Rogue\Monster\ else echo "will not over write ./README" fi if `test ! -s ./gram.y` then echo "writting ./gram.y" cat > ./gram.y << '\Rogue\Monster\' %token IDENTIFIER CONSTANT STRING_LITERAL SIZEOF %token PTR_OP INC_OP DEC_OP LEFT_OP RIGHT_OP LE_OP GE_OP EQ_OP NE_OP %token AND_OP OR_OP MUL_ASSIGN DIV_ASSIGN MOD_ASSIGN ADD_ASSIGN %token SUB_ASSIGN LEFT_ASSIGN RIGHT_ASSIGN AND_ASSIGN %token XOR_ASSIGN OR_ASSIGN TYPE_NAME
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C Grammer - From unix-sources-request Wed Mar 4 01:44:50...

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