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8 - -= Professional Apti 2 Council Onli e Assessement...

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Unformatted text preview: -= Professional Apti 2 Council: Onli e Assessement - Mozilla Firefox Ea Edit DEW Htstory flookmarks guts flab inseam E: http:mracleindiaproaptitude.comfcommonjonlineexamftest.php .-; Digital finger print technology R] fineleasa Notes IFedora Project .Fled Hat .Free Content 3. Email: Email from {3- Prnfessinnal Aptitude ... fl BAG Online Assessment General Computer Screnoe Knowledge 7_ In a programming language with only two levels of operator precedence -- unary binding tighter than binary -- and left-to-right evaluation. what is the value of the following expression? -5--4*-5+3w2 EM! Exam 00:15:33 Images: In Loaded: 15 KB 4.62 Kafs Time: 0:03 Connecting to www.google-analytics.com... m— léfi. - . Professional Aptitude Untitledl - Openoffice.t EEK Oracle [email protected]|106:— - Shell . mm m. Wednesday 06125105 ...
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