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12 - Professional Aptitude Council OllllliP Assessement...

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Unformatted text preview: - Professional Aptitude Council: OllllliP Assessement - Mozilla Firefox Fie Edit View. History Cu in: , it“. LA 4?; «weoe Boom. Riots. Heb . http:mracleindiaproaptitude.comfcommonjonlineexamftesl:.php j_ _‘ finelease Notes IFedora Project IRed Hat .Free Content .3. Email: Email from ————I:m—' £25. I 1.231: UTITITI'C General Computer Science .Knovwedge 11_ Suppose you implemented a simple SequentialList using an array and a count of elements. and you need a simple implementation of a forward-only iterator with only two functions, hasNext and next. Insertion at a position other than the end is implemented by moving elements down one position in the array. Which of the following actions that might be taken by code using the iterator are safe to perform: . insert before a position the iterator has already passed . add to end of list before hasNext has returned false . remove an element the iterator has already passed . remove the last element before hasNext has returned false JEI-l'afillfill-l . Professional Aptitude D LUntitledl- Openoffice c EEK Omcle a [email protected]|106:— — Shell . III-52 .n Wednesday mama ...
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