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3a - J Profes'onal Integrity Mozilla Firefnx X file Edit...

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Unformatted text preview: J Profes 'onal Integrity - Mozilla Firefnx X file Edit mew History gookrnarks Iools Help {1* ¢ v Cb v @ k"" fl 0 httpworacleindiaproaptitude.comfportatriategdtyphp'rtestid=1iu&startbtn.x=33&startbtn.y=14 v Pi Gv= 5: as 'I E] Blaclde - Energy Saving Se... Q '1' [2| Gmail - Inbox - thomas.nit... Q 1 o Professional Integrity fi I 'T A Friendly Reminder About Professional Integrity & Cheating ‘ The mission of the Professional Aptitude Council (PAC) isto help job seekers stand-outtrom the crowd of applicants and I get noticed by the best employers. At PAC, outgoal is to helpyou getthe bestjob atthe best pay. I One oi the key personality traits that top employers care most about is personal and professional integrity. Many parts of the hiring process are intended to validate a candidate's integrity. Cheating punishes honest applicants and we at PAC take professional integrity very seriously, and work in close partnership With our corporate members to protect honest applicanm. Our Expectations of You There are a tow simple guidelines we require all applicants to follow: 1. When completing an assessment you may not use any tool or resource otherthah a blank piece of paper, a pen and a calculator. You should not use any other aids such as books orthe Internet 2. You should not attemptto collaborate With other individuals when taking an assessm eht 3. You should not attemptto take assessments multiple times. PAC's proprietary Digital Fingerprint Technology can identity such atlempE. Will I Get Caught? pt Unfortunately tor those who attempt to ch eat the answer is yes. PAC has a multitude ot tested, proprietary methodologies to prevent and identity cheating. The majority oi these methodologies are secret but include monitoring the speed at which questions are answered, measuring performance against acceptable and tested perlormahce ranges, and PAC's proprietary Digital Fingerprint Technology We also collaborate With our corporate members to randomly give follow up assessments in secure locations. Those results are correlated against an individuals on-lihe performance. What Happens If I Get Caught Cheating? Because cheating is unfairto thevast majority of honest applicants, the ramifications of cheating are severe. Cheaters are flagged in FAQs systems and this information is available to all of our Corporate Members - Which include many of the industry'stop employers acrossthe globe The relatively low chances oi getting away with cheating is simply hotwor‘th the long term risk toyour career. It is our experience that individuals who take the assessments hoh estiy and perform to the best of their ability are able to fast track thejob search process and land the bestjob at the best pay. At PAC we are committed to that outcome tor you Click the Accept button to agree to these terms. (iii l Dorie letsog .‘ss . mecssional Integrity - [email protected]:~ - Shell -i (9‘ iii a - m ...
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