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9a - -= Professional Aptitude Council Online Assessement...

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Unformatted text preview: -= Professional Aptitude Council: Online Assessement - Mozilla Firefox fl - a - a 8 m E: http:mracleindiaproaptitude.comfcammonjonlineexamftest.php 7-H Qt. Google a” B3,!“ Online Assessment "17:93 " Aptitude Assessment 5_ Find a two digit "mane! that is formed by adding 3 to 7 times the sum 0! its two (figits or by lemming 3 from 19 times the excess of the tens digit over the units digit. waiting for www.proaptitude.com... — & a . Q - 'me-ssinnalAptitudnC '[email protected]:— —shell- K 6 fl 3 U i ...
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