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25a - -= Professional Aptitude Council Online Assessement...

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Unformatted text preview: -= Professional Aptitude Council: Online Assessement - Mozilla Firefox fl v a v a m . http:mracleindiaproaptitude.comfcammonlonlineexamftest.php f” Ely Google BA!“ Online Assessment "1”“ " Aptitude Assessment 22_ Select the alternative that logically follows from the two given statements. but not from one statement alone. Some apples ate berries All berries are cherries 1. N0 apple is acherry 2. Some appijfs are cherries 3. Ali apples are cherries 4. None of the above & a . E - 'me-ssinnalAptitudnC @[email protected]:~ - Shell- l' 6 fl 3 j l ...
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