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30a - -= Professional Apti 2 Council Onli e Assessement...

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Unformatted text preview: -= Professional Apti 2 Council: Onli e Assessement - Mozilla Firefox fl v a v a m . http:mracleindiaproaptitude.comfcommonionlineexamftest.php f“ _ ‘I . Professional Aptitude... fl 27_ The foiiovb'mg flovmhart aims to determine the first It] positive integers end: of mm happens to be the sum of tum squares of positive integers. For exarnpie It] the sum at 1 a 9. vvtricil are tum integers. The floumhart aims to find the first ten such numbers starting [mm the number 2, by dividing each number into two parts and testing whether both are squares. The first ten numbers that satisfy this criterion are stored in X{COUNT}1MIere COUNT varies From 1 to It]. What is the value of Celt 1‘? ' me-ssinnal Aptitllrln c Lg [email protected]:~ - Shell - i' ...
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