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33a - -= Professional Aptitude Council Online Assessement...

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Unformatted text preview: .-= Professional Aptitude Council: Online Assessement - Mozilla Firefox Elle grill: mew History gookrnarks Eels Help fi - a - e 8 fl I3 http:fmracleindiaproaptitude.com{commanjonlineexamftest.php -.300gle Emmwmsewfi gW-jahexwtmtfll... {:- Prnfessinnal Aptitude fi UTTHTTE HSSESSTTTETTL Aptitude Assessment waiting for www.google-analytics.com... 30_ The following fiowcl'Iart aims to determine the first 10 positive integers each of which happens to be the sum of two squares of positive integers. For example 10 is the sum of 1 a 9. which are two integers. The flowchart aims to find the first ten such numbers starting from the number 2, by dividing each number into twp parts and testing whether both are squares. The first ten numbers that satisfy this criterion are stored in MCOUNT) Miere COUNT varies from 1 to 10. NO What is the value of Cell 4? . Prufcssional Aptitude C LBJ guest®n5l105:~ - Shell - r ...
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